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Since we opened in 2014, we have been collecting treasures to delight you or that special someone!

You’ll find beautiful new items each time you visit!

Our Story

Deb and JeffTwenty-nine years ago, my husband, Jeff, and I took the jumped into the world of retail.  After outgrowing our first store within a year’s time, we moved into a great old building and proceeded to grow a successful business.  While the business continued to grow, so did our family.  We adopted three children, and our youngest was very small.  I was not going to go through the grueling process of adopting three children just to be gone from them all day every day!  Retail is hard work – 24/7 – and while it was something we took great pride in, it was time to wind up the awning and move on.  So when approached with the offer to buy our store lock, stock, and barrel, we jumped at it.

Jeff continued to grow his own business (Wisconsin House Woodworks in Barton) and I went to work for a local bank for the next sixteen years.

We are now entering a new phase of life.  Our kids are grown, grandchildren have moved to another state.   We have once again jumped in “the deep end” and entered the world of retail.  This time, we have a different product focus, but with all the ambition and determination we once had to make this a destination store for those who love finding a “treasure” for someone they love, or for themselves.

AS OF FEBRUARY 1st, 2020, OVER THE MOON WILL BE RELOCATING TO THE WB PILOT & UNIQUE FINDS BUILDING AT 101 SOUTH MAIN STREET IN DOWNTOWN, WEST BEND.  We doubled our space, and have brought in many new lines and beautiful, unique finds to purchase for yourself, your home, and the people you love!

People always ask me why I chose the name “Over The Moon” for my store. 


When my beautiful granddaughter, Brooke, was born, I was “over the moon in love”, being a first-time grandma.  As she grew a little older, I would always say “I love you to the moon and back!”.  Eventually, I would say “I love you to the moon” and she would reply “….and back!”  I became a collector of anything with “moons” on it.  Brooke would often buy me things with moons on them too.  So, the “moon” thing became something I associated with love for my granddaughter.  I guess you could say that naming the store what I did was in tribute to her, for all she means to me, for how proud I am of her.


Grandchildren are definitely a reward for all the trials and tribulations you go through raising their parent….don’t you agree?

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